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Paying by credit/debit card or with paypal

Use the PayPal button below to make a payment for goods or services purchased from The Furniture Project.  The payment amount should have been agreed in advance with the person you have been dealing with on facebook, phone or in person. 

After clicking the Pay Now button, below, you will be taken to the PayPal payment page.

In the Order Summary box enter the agreed amount of the sale and click update.


In special instructions, after you have logged in, give a short description of the item or service you wish to purchase, including any reference you may have been given by a member of our staff.

Please also include a contact telephone number so a member of our staff may contact you to arrange delivery or organise the service you require.


You can then proceed to payment using either your PayPal account or by credit or debit card.

Delivery Charges

The delivery charges are as follows.


The delivery charge is paid for separately to your item.



Area Price



Dick's Hill

(Ashwood Drive, Coronation Drive, Dickshill Park, Glebe Street, Glenorchard, Garlies Court, Hillside Way, John Simpson Avenue, John Simpson Drive, Lady Stewart Lane, Laundryburn Close, McDowall Drive, Moorefield, Mount Vernon Road, Murrayfield Avenue, Murrayfield Gardens, Parklea Gardens, Queens Drive,and Whitson Avenue)





(All other streets in Stranraer)




The Rhins

(All properties in villages and outlying areas within the Rhins. EXCLUDING DRUMMORE)




The Machars and Drummore

(All properties throughout the Machars, Durmmore and the Mull)





Delivery prices outside of Wigtownshire please ask.




We accept a £10 non-refundable deposit on item/s will be kept for 2 working days, after which they will be put back on sale, and the deposit will not be refunded.

Delivery information



Delivery and Collection of Purchases


Delivery and collection must be booked in at the time of purchase. If not we will store the item/s for a maximum of 2 days (unless otherwise agreed by the management) after which they will be put back on sale, and a credfit note issued.



Delivery When the Item Does Not Fit in the Property


Please ensure your furniture fits into your property, as it is the customers' responsibility. If it does not fit in the door The Furniture Project will issue a credit note to the value of the purchase.


This does not include the delivery charge as we have attempted to deliver the item based upon it fitting in the property because you purchased it.

Refund Policy



Please note that due to the nature of our business, we operate a 30 day refund policy. This also extends to credit notes.


In the event that you decide that you no longer require the item and wish to return it to us within the 30 day period we will issue a credit note to the value of the purchase. You are required to provide proof of purchase if you wish to return the item.


This excludes the cost of delivery and the credit note will be issued after the item purchased by you has been collected from you or returned to us by you.


The credit note is redeemable against furniture and electrical appliances in our shop only and for up to 6 months from the date of issue.


If an item is found to be defective by you within 30 days from the date of sale we will provide a full refund including the delivery cost. You should retain your receipt as proof of purchase.


If you collected the purcahsed item from our shop you must return it to the shop. If you had the item delivered by us we will collect the item, which will be scheduled for the first available date.


We will collect the item free of charge and refund tthe cost as soon as we have collected the item or you have returned the item to us.



Buying from the furniture project

Buying from the furniture project


Who can buy?

We are open to the general public.

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Cleaning and Garden Clearance

Cleaning and Garden Clearance


Property which has been left unoccupied for a period of time will quickly deteriorate. We offer a comprehensive cleaning and garden clearance service, helping to make the property habitable again.

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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy


  1. Introduction


1.1.The Furniture Project recognises that anyone having dealing with them have a right to complain about the service provided and for the complaint to be dealt with fairly.

  1. Aims of the Policy


2.1.To ensure that any complaints about the Furniture Project, its work, or its staff are dealt with correctly and swiftly

2.2.To ensure that any problems highlighted by complaints are dealt with promptly.

2.3.To ensure that people working with the Furniture Project receive the best service possible.

2.4.To provide the Furniture Project with a record of any problems that have happened in the past

  1. Application of the Policy


3.1.All complaints about the Furniture Project, its work or its staff should be received in the form of a letter addressed to the Manager with a method of contacting the complainant. Anyone using the telephone or email to complain should be informed of this. All complaint letters should be clearly marked.

3.2.On receipt of a complaint the Manager should reply immediately acknowledging receipt of the complaint (within 3 days) and giving a time span in which the complaint will be dealt with, the length of which will depend on the nature of the complaint, but will usually be 7 days.

3.3.The Manager should then make a note of the complaint along with the plan of action for dealing with the complaint, which should be kept on file for a period of 3 years.

3.4.For more serious complaints the Manager refer to the Board of Trustees so they can elect a small committee to look into the complaint and suggest solutions

3.5.On occasions where the complaint is about an employee this should be referred to their line manager to take the appropriate action as part of a disciplinary procedure, and the employee should be made aware of their rights to give their version of events.

3.6.Once the Manager or elected committee has come to a decision about the action to be taken they should send a reply to the complainant and act on the decision made

3.7.If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Manager they should contact the Convener immediately.

  1. Updating and amending

4.1.This policy shall be reviewed annually

4.2.This policy was last updated 31-07-12

Grounds maintenance

Grounds Maintenance


We provide a grounds maintenance service that principally enables customers to start or continue using their green space again.  This includes removing bulky waste, reducing long grass, digging borders, removing litter & foliage and general tidying to make presentable.

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House Clearance

House Clearance: FAQs


How much will it cost?

Each house clearance is priced by the volume of items to be removed.  This may vary according to the size and weight of contents and number of rooms of the property.
We load our vehicles efficiently, making maximum use of the available space, and hence provide much better value than other options, such as skip hire or ‘price per load’.

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Commercial Clearance

Office and Commercial Clearance


We provide a comprehensive service tailored to suit your needs when you require any type of clearance from the following facilities: offices, complexes, warehouses, hotels.

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Portable appliance testing

Portable appliance testing


At the Furniture Project we portable appliance test and function test electrical appliances on a daily basis as part of our quality standards for reuse of electrical appliances, in fact we have tested 10’s of thousands of items so you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the experience as well as the competent, skilled and qualified personnel to undertake the portable appliance testing of your electrical appliances.

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Contact Us

If you have any comments or queries please don’t hesitate call into our offices or contact us:

Furniture Project (Stranraer)
Hillside Drive
Wigtownshire DG9 7PW

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Tel: 01776 707 375
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our opening hours are:
Monday – Saturday
9am – 5pm